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January 1, 2013

To those of you from the PET 2012 Photo Walk who may still be following this blog, congrats on completing as much of the year as you were able to.  If you managed the entire year, that is just awesome!  As for me, well our family has had to cope with some very serious challenges this year and I simply could not keep up.  

I’ve decided to skip the Photo Walk for this year, although I still intend to take and post pictures here.  But, fair warning! As of later today, this blog will become more of a personal journal.  I assume that won’t be your cup of tea, and I won’t be at all offended when you stop following me.  

Thanks to all of you for your comments on my photos last year and I hope the new year brings you everything you wish for.

Weeks 36-40: Playing Catch Up!

September 30, 2012

Click the image for a closer view

I’m desperate to catch up and time is short, so I’m cheating.

Charlie had a meeting in San Francisco this week, which is about 3 hours from our home. Although I lived in SF for 7 years in the mid 70’s to early 80’s, its been awhile since I’d been, so I tagged along. It was damp, foggy and chilly but I did manage to get a few shots I liked

  • Week 36: Iconic. The old cable cars are used mostly by tourists, but sometimes shoppers catch a ride too.
  • Week 37: Architecture. SF is full of wonderful old buildings (and spectacular newer ones) that have been restored and converted for new uses. This is the detail on the exterior of our hotel, the Harbor Court, which faces the Bay Bridge. The building was formerly the local YMCA, which still occupies 3 of the floors, with the hotel above.
  • Week 38: Clock. The clock tower on the Ferry Building which is on the Embarcadero waterfront, is a true SF landmark. A newer ferry building a bit down the street is where you can get a ferry across the bay and this older building now houses lots of little boutiques and feed concessions that are all open to the inside walkways – reminds me of Pikes Market in Seattle.
  • Week 39: Overcast. This one was easy. The normal weather pattern in SF is foggy in the morning. This is the Bay Bridge – I was out on a pier, so was able to get a nice shot without cropping.
  • Week 40: Overlook. This is another SF landmark, the Coit Tower, on Telegraph Hill. It was built in 1933 in memory of Lillie Hitchcock Coit, a wealthy and very eccentric patron of the City’s firefighters. When she passed away, she left a very sizable bequest to the City and some of those funds were used to build the tower.

Week 35: Perspective

September 13, 2012

Click the image for a closer view.

I love this shot of this little guy!  It was a color photo that I converted to black and white and then used a mask to selectively color back in his flip flops. The photo is on a digital art journaling page I created using the kit I designed – using the brushes and textures I showed you in the Week 34 post.

Week 34: Busy

August 27, 2012

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What do you do when its 100+ degrees outside and your internet connection goes on the fritz? Well, if you’re me, you get out the black tempera paint and use artificial plant leaves and flower –  and every kind of texture (think bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, etc) you can put your hands on – to make “stamps” of them.  Then you scan them, extract them in Photoshop and use them as design tools and embellishments in your scrapbooking products.

Five hours later, I’d scanned 150 pages that are now ready for Photoshop work. It was funny getting my hands dirty, but I’m very glad our connectivity problems have been resolved!

Week 33: Youth

August 14, 2012

Click the image for a closer view

It’s been about 105 degrees here every day for the past week, so we opened the front door this morning, just before the sun came up, to try to let in some fresh air. I commented to Charlie that some critter had been digging in the tanbark outside the front door and he went out to sweep it up. He came inside and about 3 minutes later yelled for me to get my camera. These juvenile bobcats have been wandering around the neighborhood for about three months, but we haven’t seen them – until this morning. There were actually 4 little ones and the mama, but this was all I could get before they wandered off. Now we know what was playing in the tanbark! Ah, the benefits of living in the boonies!

Week 31: Exercise + Week 32: Friend

August 13, 2012

Click the image for a closer view.

More from our walk on Monterey Bay. This photo was a true surprise … I was just trying to get decent pictures of the sea lions and had no idea that I had not only caught the one on the right in mid-stretch, but that his little friend, on the left, had surfaced at the same time!

Week 30: Low Key

August 13, 2012

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Although the weather didn’t cooperate, we took a walk along the beachfront path on Monterey Bay. Once Charlie spotted the first sea lion, we started to see them all. Especially this guy, who was the only white one on the rocks. Doesn’t get any more low key than this.

Week 29: Daybreak

July 20, 2012

Click the image for a closer view.

We had to get up at o’dark hundred yesterday (don’t ask why) or I would have missed this display caused by the storm clouds passing over Phoenix as the sun was coming up.  I took this shot from the doorway of the house, looking over the gate to our little courtyard (hence the wrought iron fencing). Don’t have my big girl camera with me, but discovered that my point and shoot has a cool fisheye effect.

Week 28: Busy

July 10, 2012

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Didn’t think to bring my macro lens on our walk, but my 28-135mm did a pretty good job.

Week 27: Adolescence

July 10, 2012

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How does a colt scratch an itch?  Now you know.